Super Sixties Spectacular

As we think about the year 2019 the old time religion keeps entering my mind. The need for senior adults is even greater than any time in the history of our great country. As we look around our churches, families and communities there is an even bigger need for us to return to the old time religion. The religion of our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers, combined with today’s Bible teaching will help us make an impact on today’s society. We believe seniors are special here at COD. Because we do, the Super 60’s Spectacular has been one of the highlights of this ministry for the last 38 years. This will be a senior adult weekend like you have never experienced before. You will enjoy the good food, your spiritual appetite will be filled, the fellowship will be superb, and you will make lifelong friends. The folks here are so geared up that they can hardly wait for October 4 to arrive. We have invited several special speakers who will minister and help to build you in the Old Time Religion. They will make you laugh, they may make you cry, they will do their best to address your needs as you travel through each day of your life. Shirley and I look forward to having you be our special guest at the 2019 Super Sixties Spectacular. Joyfully Serving Him, John Campbell

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Harvest Day

Join us for a fun day of worship with friends and family. Great preaching, special music, hay rides, food trucks, and other fun activities makes this not just another Sunday at church!

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M.O.M.S. is a ministry of encouragement and support to mothers of all ages. We have moms in all stages in life, from moms of infants to mothers of high-schoolers. We meet twice each month during the school year to study God’s Word, talk about issues we all face on a daily basis, share advice and experiences, while enjoying a light breakfast together.

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Service Times


Early Preaching Service.......................8:30 am

Sunday School....................................9:45 am

Second Preaching Service...............10:45 am

Evening Preaching Service..................6:00 pm


Adult Prayer Meeting & Bible Study......7:00 pm

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