Series Detail

The Book of Acts

8/1/2019 -

The Acts of the Apostles.  Join us as Dr Norris Belcher preaches and teaches through the Book of Acts. 

In This Series

  1. Introduction to the Book of Acts
  2. The Gladness of the Disciples
  3. The Great Commission
  4. Getting Ahead of God
  5. The Day of Pentecost
  6. The Impression Made
  7. This Is That
  8. The First Message
  9. What Followed Peters Sermon
  10. The Continuing Results of Pentecost
  11. The Healing Of The Lame Man
  12. Peter Explains Himself
  13. The First Persecution
  14. Their Prayer To The Lord
  15. The Fellowship In The Early Church
  16. The First Discipline in the Church
  17. The Great Power They Possessed
  18. The First Real Persecution
  19. The Dilemma of the Council
  20. The Church Gets Some Order
  21. Getting Some Structure in the Body
  22. Stephen the First Martyr
  23. Stephens Great Sermon
  24. The Results of Persecution
  25. Simon the Sorcerer
  26. The Ministry in Samaria
  27. The Evangelist Meets the Ethiopian
  28. Drama on the Damascus Road
  29. Saul in Damascus
  30. Saul's Early Days
  31. Peter Enters the Story Again
  32. Cornelius
  33. The Results of the Vision
  34. The Gospel to the Gentiles
  35. The Persecution of the Apostles
  36. The Shift to Antioch
  37. Their Ministries Begin
  38. Paul's First Recorded Sermon
  39. The Revival in Antioch
  40. Escape to Iconium
  41. Christ Is All I Need
  42. Getting Things Straightened Out
  43. The Leading of the Spirit
  44. The Results of Listening to God