Series Detail

The Living Cross

3/29/2013 -

Every year, thousands of people from all over the Westminster area enjoy the powerful and dramatic Easter musical, “The Living Cross”, presented by the COD music ministry. These musicals always focus on the clear gospel of Jesus Christ, and touch the heart in a memorable way. It is a night of unforgettable drama and music.

In This Series

  1. 2013 "The Choice"
  2. 2014 "The Turning Again of Peter"
  3. 2015 "The Resurrection and the Life"
  4. 2016 "The Veil"
  5. 2017 "The Last Lamb"
  6. 2018 "The Choice"
  7. 2019 "The Veil"
  8. 2022 "Convincing Thomas"
  9. 2023 "The Prodigals"
  10. 2024 "The Resurrection and the Life"