Good Shepherds


Steve Clemons
(410) 259-1228

Special Needs


The Good Shepherd class is a ministry of Church of the Open Door (COD) to the mentally and physically challenged in our community. The ultimate purpose of this ministry is no different than other COD ministries: To proclaim and reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that God loves every human life, without exception, and it is our responsibility to bring the love of Christ to all. In the Good Shepherd class, we know that God has a purpose in His perfect plan for each of these unique souls, and consider it a privilege to serve them in this ministry.

Each of our Sunday services include fellowship, much music and singing, special performances and a Bible lesson. With the wide range of special needs we encounter each week, it our goal to bring variety in our presentations so that all are included. Throughout the year, we also have special activities to include crafts, various food events and our annual Christmas program. Each of our workers are faithful members of Church of the Open Door and several have served in this ministry for well over 20 years.

The class meets each Sunday morning in the gymnasium from 10:15 AM to 11:45 AM. Many in our class are brought in by their families or care-givers and others use the COD bus ministry for transportation, to include buses with lifts and provisions for wheelchairs.